Advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns helps you reaching a large quantity of people in a short period. Each project asks for it’s own campaign. Do you want to reach potential clients, make existing clients come back or create more brand awareness? Green Creatives helps you with developing effective and professional campaigns.

The goals for your advertising campaign are influenced by your company’s achievements.  Underneath are examples of achievements shown:

  • Sales
  • Generate leads via the advertising campaign
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Building a brand identity
  • Improve the relation with your clients
  • Compete with competitors

Afterwards we select the best media channels and marketingtools. The selected channels and tools depend on your goals and strategy. Our team of marketeers and designers immediately starts with developing an unique and effective campaign with the selected channels and tools. The completed works is a campaign that helps you and your company achieve goals and be increasingly successful.

How we work

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