Strategy sessions at Green Creatives

Developing a professional strategy in 3 steps.

What is a strategie?

The strategy of your company determines which marketing tools  are getting used to achieve the goals and objectives of your organization. An effective and elaborate strategy makes your company distinguishes itself from the competitors.

With our strategy sessions we specify your mission and vision. We determine the best target group for your company and map the main reasons for buying products or services. Through effective brainstorm meetings we set multiple future goals.
After the first session we make the transfer to marketing. We compare your competitors and point multiple strengths and weaknesses out. This results in a clear overview. Now it’s time to distinguish your company from her competitors.
We choose the best angle of incidence for your company based on the main benefits of your target group. Through our experience we know which type of media suits best for which occasion. We make a list most effective mediachannels for your company and create a suiting campaign to achieve your goals. The result? Your reach the ideal client with the ideal message.

How we work

Strategy sessions




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