Every game has a strategy


The strategy of your company determines the way you use marketingtools to achieve goals. It helps you make difficult decisions. Your strategy is one of the most important aspects of your company.

Advertising campaigns

If you want people to pay attention to your product or company it’s wise to use an advertising campaign. Effective campaigns help your company grow and increase the awareness of your brand.


Everything you do to increase sells is marketing. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of your company. If done right, it attracts new clients and makes existing clients come back. The key of successful marketing is to empathize with your target group. The past years Green Creatives has gained much experience with successful marketing and using the right tools at the right time.


Make your mark on the world!


You see brand names everywhere. From the moment you wake up until you arrive at your job you might have seen more than 50 logos. From the logo on your alarm clock to the logo on your cereal box, they all have one thing in common – they want to be recognised. That recognition takes awhile: average people usually come in contact about 18 times with a logo before it is registered in their minds.

Logo design

A well designed logo is your trademark and it should reflect the identity of your organisation. A logo should communicate, at a glance, something of your firm’s philosophy and values, its place in the market and your aims. A logo enhances the company’s image. Together, we will decide on that one image that both represents your firm and will attract your targeted clients to your goods or services – cool and hip or pure classic luxury

Corporate Identity

As a professional, you know that your passion is reflected in every aspect of your business: from a well organised office, the manner in which the telephone is answered, the quality of service you supply to the appeal of your corporate identity. The identity design will consist of about 6% of your marketing mix. You can win or loose customers at this stage.  You need to let your professionalism be obvious to your customers.


To draw attention to your company or product, prominent signage is essential. Advertising signs, billboards,  banners, construction signs, company car stickers and facade signage are the best ways to make sure you are seen.

Printed media

From digital printing to hand-crafted brochures

Brochure design

All communication from your organisation is a business card for your company. Your brochures, flyers and cards are part of the total picture.  Before we head over to the layout, let’s take a close look at the position of the flyer, card or brochure in the total campaign. We will gladly give advice about layouts, the number of pages, use of color and content, special kinds of paper, special folding techniques, handy mini flyers or just a single folded piece of paper.

Flyer design

A flyer is a pamphlet for advertising or propaganda purposes. A flyer is a cheap and incredibly effective way to convey your message to the world. Flyers are cost effective and easy to distribute. A flyer consists merely of two pages (front and back), and is generally not bigger than 148 x 210 mm.

Poster design

A poster, also called a placard, is a printed piece of paper, usually bigger than an A3, which is hung up to draw attention to a campaign. A poster can be part of your advertising campaign that you distribute in place where your target audience is present:  such as conventions, in stores, in schools, in theaters, in museums, on the street, at bus stops and as billboards.

Online media

Building a professional website

Website design

A clear website design is a must for every company. In the past you went to the company that you wanted to hire, and took a look in the shop window. Nowadays you orient  generally on the internet. Whether you contact the organization depends to a large extent on the first impression on the web. Do you have doubt for whatever reason, then you just continue to click. So a reliable look is necessary for a good first impression. A professional website is a crucial success factor for a successful business.

Newsletter design & marketing

In the current market, we are bombarded by communications. Therefore, we are not convinced by every advertisement we see. Also, it has become more difficult to determine who we can trust. How often you have contact with your relationships, the better they get to know you. And the more they trust you. Research shows that people only after the seventh time they are in contact with a company, are prepared to make a purchase. This therefore requires a medium through which you repeatedly make contact with your potential customers.

Domain & hosting

Your website should always be online. Therefore we take the registration of your web domain and arrange the hosting of your web applications very seriously. We work with reliable and experienced parties. Based on your specific requirements, we choose the party who is best suited. The advantage for you as a customer is that you are doing business with a hosting company.


Where can we help?


If you want to work with photo’s on your website there are 2 options. Stockphoto’s or professional photographers. When building a website or designing a brochure we sometimes use stockphoto’s.Stockphoto’s are photo’s made by professionals. To use or everyone. If you are looking for professional photo’s of specific portraits, studio-photo’s or products Professional photographers are the best option.

Real Estate visualization

Do you want to sell offices? Working on a beautiful real estate object? Green Creatives has unique visualization skills. We design impressive 3D animations, flyby videos or artist impressions. In our design a hyperrealistic visualization of your project is created. One that astonish potential buyers and impress competitors.

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