Brochure design

All communication from your organisation is a business card for your company. Your brochures, flyers and cards are part of the total picture.  Before we head over to the layout, let’s take a close look at the position of the flyer, card or brochure in the total campaign. We will gladly give advice about layouts, the number of pages, use of color and content, special kinds of paper, special folding techniques, handy mini flyers or just a single folded piece of paper.

Flyer design

A flyer is a pamphlet for advertising or propaganda purposes. A flyer is a cheap and incredibly effective way to convey your message to the world. Flyers are cost effective and easy to distribute. A flyer consists merely of two pages (front and back), and is generally not bigger than 148 x 210 mm.

Poster design

A poster, also known as a placard, is a printed piece of paper, usually bigger than an A3, which is hung up to draw attention to a campaign. A poster can be part of your advertising campaign that you distribute in place where your target audience is present:  such as conventions, in stores, in schools, in theaters, in museums, on the street, at bus stops and as billboards. If you are planning a campaign use posters to give the whole campaign support. Posters work best and are most effective when combined with other marketing communication tools..

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