Website design

A clear website design is a must for every company. In the past you went to the company that you wanted to hire, and took a look in the shop window. Nowadays you orient  generally on the internet. Whether you contact the organization depends to a large extent on the first impression on the web. Do you have doubt for whatever reason, then you just continue to click. So a reliable look is necessary for a good first impression. A professional website is a crucial success factor for a successful business. To get customers and to keep customers internet nowadays is an important medium. How important will depend on the role that the Internet plays in delivering your products or performing your services.

Newsletter design

In the current market, we are bombarded by communications. Therefore, we are not convinced by every advertisement we see. Also, it has become more difficult to determine who we can trust. How often you have contact with your relationships, the better they get to know you. And the more they trust you. Research shows that people only after the seventh time they are in contact with a company, are prepared to make a purchase. This therefore requires a medium through which you repeatedly make contact with your potential customers.

Domain & hosting

Your website should always be online. Therefore we offer the registration of your web domain and arrange the hosting of your web applications very seriously. We work with reliable and robust parties. Based on your specific requirements, we choose the party who is best suited. The advantage for you as a customer is that you are doing business with a hosting company.

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