Newsletters & e-zines

In the current market, we are bombarded by communications. Therefore, we are not convinced by every advertisement we see. Also, it has become more difficult to determine who we can trust. How often you have contact with your relationships, the better they get to know you. And the more they trust you. Research shows that people only after the seventh time they are in contact with a company, are prepared to make a purchase. This therefore requires a medium through which you repeatedly make contact with your potential customers.

A newsletter or e-zine is a cheap and effective way to do that. A good design supports your message. We have a lot of experience. We also know how to make a direct mailing so it generates the maximal response. Because when you send an e-zine you can also see where readers clicked through, a mailing also provides very valuable information about the interests of the target group. If you prefer to let a professional take care of this, we would gladly help you.

Making the newsletter or e-zine

We provide a a periodic newsletter to a large part of our customers . We can provide the content and the form in its entirety. Before you design a newsletter template that fits your style and is inviting to read. Also you can give each newsletter another template for the design, for example tailored to the theme or the season of the time. You can write the texts for your newsletter yourself. If you prefer to let a professional do this we have a partner who specializes in writing enticing, appealing texts.


A week after sending your newsletter you will receive the statistics of your newsletter, in which you can analyze the success of the newsletter. From these statistics you can see for example how many people have clicked on each item, and how long they have looked further around on your website. You can do much more with the system. This we can explain in detail. Below is an overview of how the statistics might look:

Total # of contacts: 5,499

Total # mailings: 11
New contacts today: 10
This week: 23
This month: 43
This year: 123
Signed out this week: 0
Singed out this months: 0
Signed out this year: 1


Total # of  E-mails: 957
Total opened: 850
Unique opened: 315
Average opened: 18.2
Open average in percent: 32.92%


# of clicks: 141
# of clicked links: 235
Click-percentage: 65,6%

Segmentation of target groups

The newsletter system allows you to only mail certain groups of customers . So your advertisements or information is tailored to the individual customer. So you can segment by region. For example, only the customers in Amsterdam. By asking questions in the register  form you can select target groups to target certain characteristics,and build a database that makes that segmentation possible. So it´s good when preparing your website to think about the questions you ask when visitors sign up for your newsletter.

Birthday reminder

Your customers are the existence of your company. So you want to give them the attention they deserve. The anniversary of your customer’s is such an opportunity by which you can strengthen the relationship with your customer. That’s nice work, but requires considerable time for you. The newsletter system can automatically send a congratulatory email, so you do not waste time and your customer gets the attention they want on their birthday.

All benefit’s at a glance

  • Bring your organization, product or company repeatedly to the attention of your (potential) customers easily and cheap
  • View statistics and thus the effectiveness of your marketing analysis
  • Your marketing tuned to the demonstrable interests of your customers
  • Automatic congratulations to all your customers
  • Sending newsletters tailored to different audiences

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