Flyer Design

A flyer is a pamphlet for advertising or propaganda purposes. A flyer is a cheap and incredibly effective way to convey your message to the world. Flyers are cost effective and easy to distribute. A flyer consists merely of two pages (front and back), and is generally not bigger than 148 x 210 mm.

It’s sometimes necessary to bring a new product or item to people’s attention. The advantage of a flyer is that it’s almost impossible to toss it out without looking at it first, which is often what happens with letters and brochures sent by post. Curiosity is instantly stimulated and before you throw it out, you just have to read what it says. With an attractive design and a clear message we ensure that the objective of your flyer is achieved.

Examples of our flyer design

Striking flyers designed by our team of passioned designers. Want to see more? Go to our portfolio


Flyer ontwerp Bangkok Delivery

Flyer design for Bangkok Delivery

Flyer ontwerp Carbon

Flyer design for Carbon

Flyer ontwerp perfecthousing

Flyer design for Perfect Housing

Flyer ontwerp Westergoud

Flying design for Westergoud

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