Corporate Identity Design

As a professional, you know that your passion is reflected in every aspect of your business: from the well organized office, the manner in which the telephone is answered, the quality of service you supply to the appeal of your corporate identity. The identity design will consist of about 6% of your marketing mix. You can win or loose customers at this stage.  You need to let your professionalism be obvious to your customers.

You need a solid foundation to create a professional impression

Generally speaking, the foundation of your branding consists of a logo, letterhead, envelopes, with compliments cards, and of course business cards, but brand identity can consist of  a lot more! Think about front gable advertising, building wraps, vehicle lettering and graphics, illuminated signs, business gifts, plates, banners and even cuddly teddies. If a brand or graphic image is designed well and is consistently implemented, people will identify you more easily and your professionalism will be highly rated. Subsequently, your company will be taken seriously.

Corporate Identity statics

Choose your own brand identity.

When designing your brand identity Green Creatives will look at your target audience, your competitors and your strategies. That’s the way we determine the desired image. Brand identity is usually based on the logo. Your logo will always be applied to your stationary and all advertising materials. We design multiple versions of your brand identity and then you choose which one you like best.

Brand Identity Rule Book

One of the most important aspects of brand identity is to maintain it. If you want to be recognisable to your customers it is important to keep the same appearance. This doesn’t mean you can’t change anything. A tweak once in a while is acceptable. That’s how you remain up to date. Deviate from your logo too much, you loose the familiar look and your customer can become dissatisfied.  So follow your chosen brand identity. Do this and you’ve fulfilled one of the conditions in the branding rule book.  On completion of your branding design, Green Creatives will give you the manual for free. These brand identity rules will help you guard your brand and the visual identity of your company.

Examples of our corporate identity design

Green Creatives designed the corporate identity of the examples


Branding voor Gaming Legal

Corporate identity design for Gaming Legal Attorneys


Corporate identity design for Hersenz

Huisstijl voor Biocryptology

Corporate identity design for Biocryptology


Corporate identity design for Interest & Company

Huisstijl voor Rokin 75

Corporate identity Rokin 75

Huisstijl voor Lessyr

Corporate identity Lessyr

Huisstijl voor Elite Performance Club

Corporate identity Elite Performance Club

Huisstijl voor Creatives Spaces

Corporate identity Creative Spaces

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