Logo Design

A well designed logo is your trademark and it should reflect the identity of your organization. A logo should communicate, at a glance, something of your firm’s philosophy and values, it’s place in the market and your aims. A logo enhances the company’s image. Together, we will decide on that one image that both represents your firm and will attract your targeted clients to your goods or services – cool and hip or pure classical luxury.

How we arrive at the perfect logo for your business

Keeping your company’s aims in mind, you will be asked to select ten examples of company logos that appeal to you. The next step is to analyze them together, to discover what points they all have in common.  From this point onwards, we will develop your company’s new logo and branding. We begin with pencil sketches. Ideas flow onto paper and because we keep in touch with you at all stages, the design can be perfected together. Then the design is transferred to the computer to optimize it.

Result: a trademark to be proud of.

Examples of our logo design

Creations by Green Creatives


Logo ontwerp Biocryptology

Logo design Biocryptology


Logo design Hersenz

Logo ontwerp Elite Performance Club

Logo design Elite Performance Club

logo ontwerp interest

Logo design Interest & Company

logo ontwerp lessyr

Logo design Lessyr

logo ontwerp harberton

Logo design Harberton

logo ontwerp heffiq

Logo design Heffiq

logo ontwerp jili bubble tea

Logo design JILI bubble tea

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