Building a brand identity. You see brand names everywhere. From the moment you wake up until you arrive at your job you might have seen more than 50 logos. From the logo on your alarm clock to the logo on your cereal box, they all have one thing in common – they want to be recognized. That recognition takes awhile: average people usually come in contact about 18 times with a logo before it is registered in their minds.

Logo design

Get recognized! A well designed logo is your trademark and it should reflect the identity of your organization. A logo should communicate, at a glance, something of your firm’s philosophy and values, it’s place in the market and your aims. A logo enhances the company’s image. Together, we will decide on that one image that both represents your firm and will attract your targeted clients to your goods or services – cool and hip or pure classical luxury.

Corporate Identity

Be professional. As a professional, you know that your passion is reflected in every aspect of your business: from the well organized office, the manner in which the telephone is answered, the quality of service you supply to the appeal of your corporate identity. The identity design will consist of about 6% of your marketing mix. You can win or loose customers at this stage.  You need to let your professionalism be obvious to your customers.


Draw attention. To draw attention to your company or product, prominent signage is essential. Advertising signs, billboards,  banners, construction signs, company car stickers and facade signage are the best ways to make sure you are seen.

Printed media

How to spread the word

Posters, flyers & brochure design

Need to be seen? Using different kinds of printed media makes people see your products or company. Printed media is most effective when it’s accompanied with a whole marketing campaign. Via posters, flyers & brochures you can spread your message and create brand awareness. It’s a relative cheap marketing tool.

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